Cost awareness

Budget and cost management is an integral  part of the architect's duties. Monitoring budgets is part of our daily work. For each phase of the project we make estimates that ensure everything stays right on budget.

Even once the program of requirements has been established there are, after all (!)still many decisions still to be made along the way. Allocation of the total fixed budget among the various aspects of the project (facade, main construction, installation design, etc.) needs to be watched closely and discussed in time to avoid budget overspends for this could jeopardize the entire project.

HM Architects monitors and supervises the budget in consultation with the client.

Note our track record: not one of our projects has ever gone over budget because of inadequate budget control and monitoring!

We fully understand the five factors that ensure efficient and effective cost control:

  • understanding the cost factors in the design;
  • quality of drawings and specifications;
  • knowledge of procurement methods and construction;
  • accurate preparation and supervision of implementation;
  • for the preparation of management budgets, we always work with a trusted, external, calculation agency.


Effective cost control starts with clear agreements. We stick to the following method:

  • We present various models in the first draft stage and make informed decisions together with our clients.
  • We review the plan at each stage, using the constraints of the component budgets, and at the specification stage, the management budget.
  • We maintain budgetary control by conducting special financial forecasts of different aspects of the final design phase. We also explore various financial alternatives to help us to successfully monitor the budget.
  • And, of course, we make sure that our knowledge in the fields of regulation, legislation and standardization is up to par with the current situation, not just in the Netherlands, but abroad as well.